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Noncitizens who voted illegally in 2016 still on voter rolls

Juan Landeros-Mireles admitted in court last year that he registered to vote and even cast ballots in the 2016 election, though he has never…

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Lindsey Graham: Republicans ‘got the votes’ to confirm Supreme Court nominee before election

Sen. Lindsey Graham said enough Republicans in the Senate are prepared to confirm a new justice to the Supreme Court before the Nov. 3…

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Christopher Wray says Russia is ‘very active’ in trying to influence 2020 election

FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that the Russian government is “very active” in efforts to influence the 2020 presidential election by harming Democratic nominee…


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Study: Virginia has best voter privacy protection in US

Virginia has the best voter privacy protection in the country when compared with every other state and the District of Columbia, according to a…

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Why Joe Biden is the Pro-Life Candidate

For millions of Republican voters, the first, last, and only reason for supporting the Republican Party of Donald Trump is the abortion issue. As…

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Mitch McConnell vow on Supreme Court nominee faces obstacles

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made a bold commitment to a vote this year to confirm President Trump’s nominee to fill the seat…


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Wisconsin Election Commission: Return absentee ballots ASAP

Some absentee ballots in Wisconsin are likely already in the mail, and the head of the state’s election commission is telling voters to fill…

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Joe Biden leads Donald Trump in Arizona and Maine, close in North Carolina

Joseph R. Biden leads President Trump in Arizona and Maine, and the two candidates are running in nearly a dead heat in North Carolina,…